The fully refreshed user interface maximizes working area; the clean and modern tool and command icons look sharp. Tab-based navigation keeps you where the action is: right in front of you.

Refreshed User Interface

ARCHICAD 20 presents a unified, up-to-date, and professional user interface in accordance with the launch of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems.

ARCHICAD 20 has a cleaner and larger workspace by displaying the most widely used functions while restructuring all the rarely used commands and options.


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Tab-based Navigation

By eliminating superfluous graphical elements of the user interface, it is not only free from unnecessary visual noise, but also provides a clean environment for clear thinking.

After further examining the work habits of the architect, what is left is a unified environment, architect-tailored to the bone. Tab-based navigation and Quick Options offer basically every compulsory context menu item at your fingertips, so the architect can stay focused on the design.

Fresh and crisp appearance

Architects like to use as large a working area and screen real estate as possible during their work. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to unleash all creativity with the least amount of boundaries.

With the introduction of high-resolution (4K or retina) displays, the graphical appearance of interface elements may look blurred. But in ARCHICAD 20, everything looks sharp and crisp.

Thinking about upgrading from an earlier version of ARCHICAD?

Our ARCHICADselect members and ARCHICAD LIVE Subscribers get ARCHICAD upgrades for free. Other customers can contact Debbie to find the costs of purchasing or upgrading to ARCHICAD 20.