About ArchiCAD

Quite simply, ArchiCAD is the industry-leading BIM software for architects.
With its inbuilt Building Information Modeling approach, architects can explore design ideas with full confidence, knowing that every detail is being captured and all documents are synchronized.


Any architect with the passion to freely explore design ideas can fulfill their wishes without compromising on documentation precision and quality. With ARCHICAD, you can model and shape freely, easily creating the forms you want and easily change even complex elements in the most appropriate view. ARCHICAD enables you to combine creative freedom with the well-known efficiency of its robust Building Information Model. A comprehensive set of tools supports the creative process within the context of the project. ARCHICAD 17 enhances its direct modeling capabilities in the native BIM environment with its end-to-end BIM workflow using Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials, and an improved MORPH™ tool. Cloud-integration helps users create and find the custom objects, components they need to make their BIM models complete. GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in "green" as well, uniquely offering the best workflow for sustainable design, integrated into its BIM authoring tool.


With ARCHICAD, you create a 3D Building Information Model - all the necessary documentation and images are created automatically. New, priority based junctions, intelligent building materials ensure correct graphical representation of elements and materials in sections (cut fills), surfaces in 3D views, and thermal properties throughout the building energy evaluations. ARCHICAD offers a native BIM design and documentation workflow for Renovation and Refurbishment projects common in developing parts of the world. ARCHICAD's powerful view setting possibilities, its unique drawing handling, together with the integrated publishing capabilities ensure that printing or saving the various drawing sets of a project won't require extra time and will be derived from the same Building Information Model.


Building Information Modeling brings unique challenges to the design team: when implementing BIM on a larger scale, architects often run into bottlenecks in model accessibility and workflow management. ARCHICAD introduces the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server - a first of its kind solution for model based team collaboration. Industry-first Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet.


GDL (Geometric Description Language) - contains all the information necessary to completely describe building elements as 2D CAD symbols, 3D models and text specifications for use in drawings, presentations and quantity calculations. ARCHICAD users have long enjoyed the benefits of GDL, with tens of thousands of intelligent objects available and in use around the world.


Here are some of the comments our customers have made in relation to their ARCHICAD installation:

I am so glad I bought ARCHICAD as it makes preparing drawings so much more accurate and is very handy for sorting even smaller types of projects.

March 2014

I just love ARCHICAD - it's so much fun to use ... (from an ex Revit user)

December 2013

I must say ARCHICAD is an amazing program, this is coming from a former Revit user. ARCHICAD is much easier to work around - plus you guys have wayyyyyy better customer service than Revit. Thanks for your time and effort.

September 2013

Thanks again so much for your help, I am really excited about giving ARCHICAD a go. I will also add that so far your service outstrips the Vector Works service I have had.

February 2013

ROI Calculator

See for yourself how you, your company finances and a host of workflow variables can benefit from implementing ARCHICAD within your building design process. While over 100,000 global users "think" and "create" in ARCHICAD, now you can calculate why it's so popular in pure money terms, and count on it also supporting your firm's success.

Graphisoft's Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculator will allow you to benchmark your productivity, time allocation to specific design activities and overall profit potential from implementing ARCHICAD 3D modeling into your practise. The ROI Calculator parameters are drawn directly from survey feedback of 512 large and small architectural companies worldwide, who volunteered us hard numbers. They have offered detailed insight into the workflow, productivity and profitability gains which they have experienced through using ARCHICAD.

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