ARCHICAD 19 allows users to import the IFC model exactly as it looked in the original application in which it was created: "perfect geometry, minimal attributes."

Improved interoperability functions

IFC Spaces will always be converted to editable ARCHICAD Zones by retaining their original geometries; ability to override materials and representation styles of IFC model elements; IFC data mapping with library part independent GDL parameters; customizable property update function; and faster IFC data handling in IFC Manager.

Improved Collision Detection

Collision detection - using the separately-purchased MEP Modeler add-on - now works with all MEP-type elements and all imported IFC MEP model elements regardless of which MEP application exported the IFC model. Collision detection performance has been improved; it produces results considerably faster using multicore CPU basis to avoid slowdowns of your computer.

Watch: OPEN BIM in Action

Thinking about upgrading from an earlier version of ARCHICAD?

Our ARCHICADselect members get ARCHICAD 19 (and every other upgrade) for free. However if you are not on Select Membership you may like to contact Debbie to find the costs of upgrading to ARCHICAD 19.