ARCHICAD 19 - A Quantum Leap in BIM Performance

ARCHICAD is now faster than ever! With background processing, there's no more waiting for views to load. Just lightning-fast response times that make this update to ARCHICAD the undisputed speed leader in the BIM business.

Background Processing

ARCHICAD 19's new background processing generates nearly instant model views.

Most of the time, your computer's processing capacity is fairly uneven. That's because different kinds of computing processes are needed to support the architectural design workflow. Tasks requiring more processing capacity are interspersed with tasks that are not so demanding, so your workflow may appear to speed up... and slow down.

Only ARCHICAD 19 takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating what you might do next and preparing for those actions in the background. This "second guessing" greatly increases the overall responsiveness of the application, so it feels more agile with projects of any kind or size. That's the dramatic difference you'll notice between this next- gen technology and standard BIM software without background processing.

The results speak for themselves. In ARCHICAD 19, it takes up to 70% less time to open BIM-based 3D views (depending on the complexity of the design project and the workstation you're using). And the opening time for all model-based sections, elevations or 3D documents has dropped by up to 50%.

Thanks to these innovations, opening and switching between various model views will happen almost instantly. No more waiting for views to load, allowing you to save time and enjoy a smoother workflow. Plus, you'll be able to focus on design, instead of worrying about your workstation.

Smoother/faster 3D navigation with OpenGL

By optimising OpenGL, ARCHICAD 19 ensures smooth and lightning-fast navigation - even on extremely large building models.

Smoother/faster 3D navigation with OpenGL

We know that architects like to use ARCHICAD's 3D model window for informal client presentations. This model window uses the so-called "OpenGL" engine. And because ARCHICAD 19 uses a fully optimised OpenGL engine, you'll get smoother, faster 3D navigation, free from flickering - even with extremely large models.

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Thinking about upgrading from an earlier version of ARCHICAD?

Our ARCHICADselect members get ARCHICAD 19 (and every other upgrade) for free. However if you are not on Select Membership you may like to contact Debbie to find the costs of upgrading to ARCHICAD 19.