Licensing Types

You can choose to have your software protected by either a Software Key or a Hardware Key.

About Software Key Licenses 

A Software Key is an electronic container that holds your license and enables ARCHICAD to work.

The benefits of Software Keys include:

  • Software Keys are electronic, making them hard to loose, steal, or damage (compared to a Hardware Key - see below)
  • Easy management of license inventories for larger practices, via the GRAPHISOFT 'Company License Pool' administration area.

It is important to be aware that:

  • Software Keys require an internet connection to be downloaded and uploaded to a computer (however you do not need a constant connection while you are actually using ARCHICAD).
  • Software Keys will only work with installations of ARCHICAD 13 or later. Files from earlier versions can be opened and edited, and then saved as ARCHICAD 13 or later.

Software Key FAQs

What happens if my computer is stolen? Or my hard drive breaks down?

While it is harder to lose, a Software Key may need to be replaced if it is active on a stolen computer; or if the computer it is on breaks down. There will be a cost associated with issuing a replacement Key. Please refer to Replacement Policy document for more information.

Can I transfer my Software Key from one computer to another - for example if I need to work from home?

You can transfer a Software Key from one computer to another as many times as you wish.

What happens if a Software Key is downloaded on a staff members' home or laptop computer and they forget to re-upload it before coming in to work?

Unfortunately, Software Keys cannot be revoked remotely. In this situation, the ARCHICAD license would not be available until the staff member releases it from their home/laptop computer.

About Hardware Key Licenses 

Hardware Keys are issued on a silver USB stick which needs to be plugged in to your computer while running ARCHICAD.

Many of our customers prefer to use Hardware Keys, particularly when they have a limited or unreliable internet connection which makes a Software Key difficult to manage.

It is important to be aware that:

  • Hardware Keys can be misplaced, stolen or damaged
  • Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged CodeMeter Key incurs a greater replacement fee than a Software Key replacement
  • The Key requires access to a USB slot on your machine.