Case Study: Permitshop NZ


Just a few months after their purchase of ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition, we sat down with Permitshop's Harley Billington to discover what impact the software has had on their work.

In 2013 the Permitshop team realised that a new software solution was needed to better manage their highly detailed and complex architectural projects. As a relatively small business, the solution needed to be cost-effective yet capable of modelling both 2D and 3D projects.

After researching and experimenting with several CAD programs, the team tested the free Trial Version of ARCHICAD and their choice was clear. The trimmed-down STAR(T) Edition of ARCHICAD made financial sense while still offering the important features like full 3D modelling, file exchange capabilities and BIM functionality.

Moving to a new software platform can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, which is why the Permitshop team attended our Introduction to BIM and ARCHICAD training course. As they had not used ARCHICAD on a real-life project before, it was vital that they be up-skilled as quickly as possible to reduce project down time. Billington says that the Introduction to ARCHICAD course they attended was "really beneficial and important in order to hit the ground running. In fact, we didn't realize how important it would be until after we'd
done it!"

We are getting really positive feedback from clients and consultants because of the high level of detail and accuracy ARCHICAD has brought to our projects.

Harley Billington, Permitshop

One of the first ARCHICAD projects undertaken by Permitshop was the renovation of an older-style bungalow (pictured, top). Drawings for the project had been created using another 3D CAD program, but due to the complexity of the joinery elements, several errors had been made in its original modelling. "When we realised we needed to recreate the model, we decided to model it again using ARCHICAD so we could jump right in." Billington explains, "we quickly found that we could model far more accurately, and make changes far easier than we were used to."

When Permitshop showed the client the next round of drawings, "they even commented on how great the ARCHICAD model looked compared to the last round of drawings they had seen," Billington adds.

While the Permitshop team have only been using ARCHICAD STAR(T) for a little over five months, Billington estimates that the team will soon achieve a time saving of 25% through the pre-design and design phases. He adds that there has already been a significant increase in their modelling efficiency and accurate modelling of building elements, which is being noticed by clients and consultants alike. "We are getting really positive feedback from clients and consultants because of the high level of detail and accuracy ARCHICAD has brought to our projects," Billington says.

Best of all, the transition to ARCHICAD STAR(T) has had a direct impact on staff morale. "Our team finds it simpler to undertake complex and time-consuming tasks, which is having a direct impact on their enjoyment of their work."

About Permitshop

Permitshop is an architectural studio based in Auckland, New Zealand, which specialises in renovation and new residential design projects.

46 Rockfield Road, Penrose Auckland 1061