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3D Model Perspectives is offering a digital illustration service for any person involved in a building project or real estate. We are based out of North Loburn, Christchurch and are helping various companies in New Zealand to readily visualize their designs or to enhance the marketing of their building. We offer services in professional interior and exterior illustrations, artists impression, photomontages, shadow diagrams, 3D building and furniture modeling, 2D and 3D drafting and more. We have recognized the need for high quality product at a more affordable price (pricing is on the website), whilst consistently offering a friendly and efficient level of service. Please check out our new gallery webpage www.3dmp.co.nz/04-Gallery.html to see a large variety of illustrations and examples of the services we provide. For people new to this service, an explanation of the process by which we work, can be given upon enquiry. 3D Model Perspectives are now teaching the tricks of the trade and are offering support/consultation for all architecture or interior 3D digital illustrators in New Zealand. Please enquire for more details


Marina Phillips
03 3128862